The Loony Bin

[su_new_business_listing mapp_business_image=”” mapp_business_info=”The Looney Bis is, above all, committed to advancing the art form of Comedy in the Wichita Area and beyond as well as enlightening the general population about the funniest and most creative comedic performers. Make plans today to join us.” mapp_business_email=”″ mapp_business_address=”215 N. St. Francis, Wichita, Ks. 67202″ mapp_business_address_maps=”215%20N.%20St.%20Francis,%20Wichita,%20Ks.%2067202″ mapp_business_tele=”1-316-618-4242″ mapp_business_website=”″ mapp_discount=”Free admission on Wednesdays (a $7.00 value). Ladies night on Thursdays. Ladies and Men in Drag are free. Must show your MAPP card for discount.”]