Keystone Solid Surfaces

[su_new_business_listing mapp_business_image=”” mapp_business_info=”Keystone Solid Surfaces is the premier fabricator/installer of Granite, Cambria Quartz and Corian Solid Surfaces in the state of Kansas. Keystone Solid Surfaces uses state-of-the-art equipment and experienced personnel to design and install custom countertops for residential, commercial and retail applications. If you are considering granite or quartz countertops for a remodel, new construction, or updating, please stop by our office at 1250 N. Main, Benton, Ks. 67017.” mapp_business_email=”″ mapp_business_address=”1250 N. Main, Benton, Ks. 67017″ mapp_business_address_maps=”1250%20N.%Main,%20Benton,%20Ks.%2067017″ mapp_business_tele=”1-316-778-1566″ mapp_business_website=”” mapp_discount=”10% off any purchase. Must show your MAPP card for discount.”]